There are two slightly different strategies. The one you choose depends on how much time and effort you can devote to the campaign.

Option A: Top Down – contact the chief executive of the university. Depending on where your university is located this will be the vice-chancellor, president, principal or rector. Tell them what you want, ask for a meeting, tell us what happens – we want to learn what works and what doesn’t work. [more]

Option B: Bottom Up – build a group of fellow students and lecturers – ideally at least one student from each department in the university. Contact every head of department, faculty or school in your university. Tell them what you want, ask for a meeting to discuss it. Tell us how the meeting went and what they said. [more]

Option C = A + B

You should discuss strategy at your meeting #1.

Unfortunately, whichever option you choose it could be two years before the university launches official Climate 101 modules. It is quite likely that you will have graduated before anything happens.

While you are waiting you should organise your own climate course or module. Find a supportive lecturers. Arrange talks, seminars and workshops. Make video’s of the talks and we will publish them on our YouTube Channel. You could even set assignments and have them marked by students at a different university. Why not arrange a subject specific conference in the holidays? Tell us what you are going to do – we can help spread the word and help you get organised.